The Great Commission records Jesus’ instruction to us to GO MAKE disciples and to GO TEACH them to follow him. We hold evangelism and discipleship closely together. And we trust Jesus to be WITH US as he promised in this crucial work of transforming lives for his kingdom.


Discipleship never comes down to one event or one program – it is about walking more closely with Jesus Christ. He is our Master Teacher and we are his apprentices for life. The ECCC continues to build on our long history of making and deepening disciples. Our staff is committed to resourcing the local church to this end. Our annual events, Bible camps, CBC Legacy Scholarships, Summer Ministry Team and more are all ways we partner together to make and deepen disciples. Click on a link for more about our various ministries of evangelism and spiritual formation. For questions or conversation, please contact Julia Sandstrom: directoreccc(at)



We plant churches because the missional community that forms for a church plant reaches so many people with new life in Jesus. Within the ECC, conversion rates are more than 3 times higher among church plants. We are partnering with the ECC in a evangelism initiative called “the 72.” Click here for more about the 72, this down-to-earth approach to telling the story of Jesus in your life.

Jesus sends the 72 disciples. It is great news that Jesus calls, trains, and sends the 72. They are not the apostles, but ordinary, non-professionals who God uses to win lost people to the Kingdom of God. Every pastor guides the mission of evangelism, but every Christian tells the story. And prayer is the foundation as we join Jesus in his mission. 

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As Jesus’ disciple, I am his apprentice in kingdom living. I am learning from him how to lead my life in the Kingdom of the Heavens as he would lead my life if he were I. It is my faith in him that led me to become his disciple. My confidence in him simply means that I believe that he is right about everything: that all that he is and says shows what life is at its best, what it was intended by God to be.
— Dallas Willard,