Interview with Superintendent/President Nominee

Dear ECCC friends,

It is now less than one month until we will be gathering together in Winnipeg for the 114th Annual General Meeting of the Canada Conference. The AGM is a time of worship, celebrating what God has done, discerning future direction and selecting leaders.  A highlight of this year’s meeting will be the vote on the new President/Superintendent.  As delegates will be voting on behalf of the churches they represent, we, as a leadership board, strongly urge churches, church leadership and AGM delegates to have a conversation regarding the nominee, Glenn Peterson, and whether or not they will choose to affirm him for this vital leadership position.

Here is a link to a brief introduction of Glenn and the answers to several questions which may aid in your discussion.


Terence Barg
ECCC Leadership Board Chair

Fortieth Day of Lent, Holy Saturday

Luke 23:50-56

“The women who had come with Jesus…” (v. 55)

The women.

Four women. A grandmother. A mother. A wife. A friend.

A grandmother. Her name was Grace and she embodied her name. All grace from her. She loved me unconditionally, prayed for me, and told me about Jesus. All grace, good news from beginning to end.

A mother. Her name was Harriet. She was Grace’s daughter. With her it was sacrifice. She was the embodiment of sacrificial love. My father died when I was eleven. But Mom was always there. My needs before her needs. My life before her life.

A wife. Valerie is her name. She embodies strength and hope. Always. Forty-two years. Seven moves. Four sons. Good times and hard times. Joys and sorrow. Always strength. Always hope. Now, as I struggle with cancer and challenges in ministry, I borrow strength, borrow hope from her.

A friend and colleague. Debbie is a woman of courage and character. She teaches me to listen, to hear people’s stories, to welcome the other into my life. Her life is the embodiment of compassion, reconciliation and justice.

The women. Four women who have shown me Jesus. Grace and Harriet and Valerie and Debbie. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

Richard Lucco
Covenant Offices


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