The Annual General Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada approves candidates for ordination prior to a vote taken at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Candidates are recommended to the ECCC AGM by the ministerium and the committee on ministerial standing. For more information on the eligibility, requirements, and procedure for ordination please see the Evangelical Covenant Church's website


Eric Hedberg

Emmanuel Evangelical Covenant Church
Surrey, British Columbia
Ordination to Word and Sacrament

Eric's explains his call to ministry: "In the fall of my final year of college I was struggling to determine what direction to take after graduation. During a retreat at the camp I grew up going to I began to feel a call into camping ministry. I continued to explore that call through an internship, seminary, and four years of full-time camping ministry. During my years of camping ministry I continued to develop and grow in my ministry gifts. As a result of that growth I also recognized my call changing from camping ministry to congregational ministry. I began the call process, talking with a number of churches all over the country. At the same time I was in the middle of my Clinical Pastoral Education. Both experiences were stretching as well as affirming. I grew into my identity as a pastor during that year. And shortly after leaving my role in camping ministry I received a call to Emmanuel Covenant Church. They have continued to affirm me as a leader, listening to ideas and challenges I have brought forward. The church has allowed me to pastor, to open the Word of God, to offer pastoral care, and to lead, trusting me as we journey together."


Sam Williams

Avenue Community Church
Toronto, Ontario
Ordination to Word and Sacrament

Sam explains his call to ministry: "I believe, first and foremost, that GOD primarily calls me to Himself, before He calls me to other things. One day, after my undergraduate studies as I was praying and reading the Word, I sensed GOD’s call on my life to vocational ministry. My response was that of anxiety, uncertainty and dilemma. I talked to several of the Christian leaders I knew, my mentors and my uncle who was in ministry and they walked with me in my discerning process. After a year of wrestling I entered into vocational Christian ministry in the summer of 1999. I started working for Christian Foundation for the Blind, India for a year as a Mission worker. In January 2001, I moved to Canada to pursue my theological training. During my second year at Tyndale Seminary I sensed GOD leading me into pastoral ministry and i switched my major. I enjoyed my education at Tyndale where I was also able to engage with people from different traditions and cultures. GOD developed a heart in me for cross cultural ministry. I joined Bridgeway Church (predominantly second generation Korean Canadians) in the fall of 2003 as a Pastoral Intern and served as an Associate Pastor till January of 2011. Since May 1st, 2011 I have been preaching, teaching and providing spiritual care and counselling as  pastoral staff for Avenue Community Church. I believe that the ultimate aim of pastoral ministry is to facilitate love and reconciliation between people and between people and GOD."