ECCC AGM Seminar Information

Seminars are scheduled for 1:30 on Saturday, May 30th. All Delegates and Participants are welcome to join in on one of these great sessions. This year, there will only be one time slot for seminars. So, even though they all sound very interesting, you will have to choose one. Please indicate on your registration which seminar you would like to participate in. 

"The Long Road - From Genocide to Grace" - Brian McConaghy

A presentation outlining the devastating history of Cambodia that makes it the country it is today. The challenge of profound trauma and the slow work of transformation. After 25 years of work we can find Joy even in the killing fields of Cambodia. 

Brian McConaghy Bio: Brian was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1963. He immigrated to Canada in 1978 and joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1986, spending 23 years as a forensic weapons specialist. He has undertaken forensic examinations of many of Canada's most significant and complex criminal investigations, and has conducted forensic research and analyses internationally. Brian continues to be involved in active international investigations, consulting for Canadian and international law enforcement agencies. 
Since watching a little girl named Ratanak dying on a TV documentary in 1989, Brian's heart has been with the people of Cambodia. His efforts to bring them physical assistance and the hope of Christ, in the midst of civil war, grew into Ratanak International. Since that time he has dedicated himself to the establishment of many medical and developmental programs, as well as public awareness campaigns. Over the last 10 years, he has combined his policing skills with his Cambodian experience to impact the issue of human trafficking and sex slavery in Cambodia. 
After 18 years of volunteer work, Brian resigned from the RCMP in 2008 to pursue his full-time calling to this nation. Ratanak International has received many awards for its work as it has sought to be a blessing to the Khmer people and bring light to the darkest of places. 

"Being Present for those with Mental Health Problems" - Snowy Noble and Deana Verge

When the decision to de-institutionalize Mental Illness was made several decades ago, people suffering from these afflictions have been redirected from Asylums (Psychiatric Hospitals) to General Hospitals - "Transinstitutionalization", and Community Centres. This shift in Mental Health care has created challenges for families and society at large often leaving the sufferers on the fringes of margins without adequate support. The faith community is a place where people with Mental Health problems can begin to find a place to belong. 

"Pastoral Issues of the 21st Centruy" - Mark Novak

Helping congregations have hard conversations in an effort to better care for folks in our communities. 

Mark Novak is the executive minister of the Develop Leaders department in the the Evangelical Covenant Church head offices in Chicago, IL. 

"Building a Leadership Team that Works" - Tim Beadle

Exploring not only how God has wired each one of us for ministry, but the importance of working together.

Tim Beadle is a part of the Leadership Team at Rural Church Pastors Network. To learn more about the Rural Church Pastors Network, take a look at their website.