Seminars are scheduled for 2:00 on Saturday, May 5th.
All delegates and participants are welcome to join in on one of these great sessions.  

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Dixie Vandersluys

Drawing from an analogy of the four seasons, this workshop will help you learn to manage the losses and changes experienced throughout life (whether from death, divorce, illness, aging, moving, job change, etc.). There will be opportunities for personal reflection on the many ways loss and change may be impacting you, strategies for coping and moving forward after loss, and how to find peace in an Ecclesiastes 3 world, where we always live with the tensions of mourning and dancing, weeping and laughing, tearing down and building up.

Dixie Vandersluys received her M.A. in Counselling from Providence Seminary in Manitoba in 2014. She currently lives in Wetaskiwin, Alberta where her husband pastors at Malmo Mission Covenant Church. In 2017, she started her own counselling practice, Storybrook Therapy, which specializes in grief, loss, and end of life issues, and helps people of all circumstances tell their story and look for hope. Find out more at

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Alex Velasco

So you want to go on a mission trip, but where do you even begin the planning? MERGE Ministries is a great place to start! Their team will work with you to create a meaningful and healthy mission trip. Alex Velasco, the assistant director of MERGE Ministries, will be with us and will share the mission behind the MERGE as well as some practical steps and tips for you and your church. 

The mission of MERGE is to share and experience God's love through an ongoing physical, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual exchange; to use your group's unique gifts, talents, and abilities, with those of others; to encourage lives; to share the gospel of Jesus Christ; to build the body of Christ; and to glorify God. To learn more about MERGE Ministries visit

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Join us for this hot-house conversation-cafe workshop about applying for Trellis Foundation Discipleship Grants. We'll brainstorm ideas to deepen disciples and help each other develop plans for our own local settings. Learn how our Discipleship Grant application process will benefit your leadership and your community initiative. You'll leave with a handle on how to apply and a list of seedling-ideas. 

The Trellis Foundation makes grants for discipleship initiatives in the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada, its member churches, camps and affiliated ministries. Learn more about Trellis at