Annual General Meeting 2013

May 2 - 5, 2013 | Melfort, SK

Speakers and Guests: 

Friday Evening Speaker:
Dina Katanacho, Arab Israeli Bible Society

Saturday Evening Banquet Entertainment in conjunction with World Vision: 
Joel Auge

Sunday morning: 
Gary Walter, President of the Evangelical Covenant Church


Glendyne GerrardDefend Dignity
Come find out what you can do to stop human trafficking. 

Sam Drew
A presentation and discussion on God’s call to continued learning and growing in Christ, along with serving Him, throughout all of our lives.  This seminar includes an introduction to and discussion about spiritual formation and spiritual maturity.

Dina KatanachoArab Israeli Bible Society
Dina will talk about her work of sharing Christ's love with Muslims. 

Glenn Peterson and Gerald Froese
Start and Strengthen Churches
Learn what God is doing in the ECCC to both start churches and make existing churches strong. 

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AGM 2013 Business


109th AGM Summary Report


Constitutional Changes: 

From the ECCC constitution: 

Article XIII Amendments

Section 13.1 Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be introduced in writing at an Annual General Meeting, but may not be acted upon until the next Annual General Meeting, and for adoption must receive the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the accredited delegate present and voting at the Annual General Meeting. 

Section 13.2 Proposed amendments to this constitution and bylaws shall be in harmony with the ECC constitution and bylaws and shall be approved by the ECC Executive Board. 

Section 13.3 The secretary shall have proposed amendments published in an official publication of the ECCC and shall transmit them electronically or by hard copy to each source of delegates at least thirty days prior to the Annual General Meeting, at which final action is to be taken. 

Proposed ECCC Constitution

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