Tim and Di Keener


Quebec is home to nearly 1/4 of all Canadians (about 22%) and Montreal is home to about half of all Quebecers (about 4 million). There are approximately 168 ethnic groups in Montreal, and endless ministry opportunities. The secular and cross-cultural context of Montreal make it one of the more challenging mission context in North America.

Tim and Di joined the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada in 2014 and have been working in Montreal to help Start & Strengthen the Church in Quebec. Because of the cross-cultural nature of the province, they partner with Serve Globally and the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada.

Strategic Ministry Areas:

  • Quebec Liaison - Representing the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada in Montreal and helping discern future opportunities in the province.

  • Local Church Partnership - Since 2014, they have partnered locally with St-Peter’s Anglican Church, a church rooted in tradition and fervent witness.

  • The Leadership Centre at Presbyterian College - Tim currently services as the director (part-time) of a unique learning centre for leadership development in downtown Montreal.

  • Crosstalk Ministries - A summer camp and youth ministry devoted to helping people of all ages become strong disciples of Jesus Christ

  • Congregational Vitality - Collaboration and coaching with Congregational Vitality leaders in North America and Europe.

  • Future Ministry

Pray with us as we discern and develop...

  • A summer mission immersion program fostering spiritual development and inspiring ministry across Canada.

  • Church planting - Promoting new communities of faith networked with the Evangelical Covenant Church.


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