Third Day of Lent

Psalm 13

In life, perspective is everything. Many times the way we perceive people and experiences, can be a reflection of us—coloured by our fears and pain. Our perspective is ruled more by where we are standing in our minds and hearts, than what is actually true.

As I read Psalm 13 in The Message, I wandered around in the words David spoke and it struck me how quickly he moved from "Long enough God - you've ignored me long enough" to the declaration of, "I'm so full of answered prayer." It can take me a while when my heart hurts or I feel unseen by God to move toward feeling my prayer is answered.

I wanted to know what changed for David from verse 1-4 , to verse 5 and 6. I can't say for sure what transpired, but I wonder if perspective isn't a factor. In the beginning David implores, "Take a good look at me, God" asking to be seen in his great burden and sense of abandonment, but did God not already see David? Had the Father left David or did he just take that for granted?

English philosopher Bertrand Russell says, "Now and then it is healthy to hang a question mark on things we take for granted." I like that imagery. It invites us to wonder about our assumptions, to not push against the question, but be at home in it .

I wonder if that is what David did. Was it that where his heart stood and what he imagined needed a "question mark hung on it"? The truth is,  sometimes we feel very sad and our belly and heart can ache with the weight of what life seems to burden us with. Sometimes we feel like Jesus can't remember our name or even recall what we look like.

I wonder if those are the times we need to pull a question mark out of our pocket and hang it on the idea that we are lost, forgotten, or abandoned.

Lent is a powerful time to wonder again about who Christ is and how He loves. To wonder how that could define who we are especially if we feel accompanied by empty ache in our life.

It is a good time to "hang a question mark" on those lonely ideas. Christ invites us to see Him, to take on His perspective. Then perhaps we can declare for ourselves "I've thrown myself headlong into your arms!"

Deb Walters
Sarnia, ON