Tenth Day of Lent

Acts 7

Acts seven is full of courage and shows a stable mind on the part of Stephen. I think he was probably very uneasy, however, in the crowd that he was addressing. I have often thought about what it was like to have been with Jesus when he was on the earth. And what about the time Paul was stopped on the road by our Lord? Those experiences (the very personal and intimate exposure to Jesus) go a long way to believing that it was worth risking your life for him.

Today as well as all along the line of history since Jesus ascended into heaven we don’t have those in-person experiences, but we believe based on the truth and the promises that the Bible gives us. Was Stephen thoroughly taught in ways of the Jewish past? He would have been exposed to the Torah over his lifetime. And yet, when you read Acts seven, you can’t help but believe that it was the Holy Spirit talking to the crowd through him. There was an eloquence to the way he presented their complete history and then to make the point that it was them who killed the Saviour. That took only the strength that God can give.

Could I do the same as Stephen? Part of me fears not, but I know the Holy Spirit resides inside me. That in and of itself is an intimate encounter that is unique to me. When encountered with a life and death situation, will I go to the Spirit and rest in Truth? Does it have to be a life and death situation or should we just be bold about the Gospel at all times?

We live in interesting times. Let us turn our focus to boldly telling of the Gospel and be prepared to assist in bringing as many to Christ as possible. Our Lord paid the price for us, are we not willing to do the same?

Lynn Ritchie
Balfour, BC

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