Second Day of Lent

Acts 2:1-36

The believers were all together worshipping and praying. How wonderful when the   beloved gather together for worship! Do we really understand how important this is in our lives? Do we really know? The believers have had forty days of confusion, despair, joy, and revelation. They have seen Jesus crucified and buried. Then he arose and spoke to them, they ate meals with him, and now he has left them alone and gone back to his Father. Still, they are waiting for his promised Spirit.

In the previous chapter, Peter has already spoken up and told them they need to choose a replacement for Judas. Don’t you love Peter and his impulsive ways? He jumps out of the boat and tries to walk on the water to come to Jesus. Doesn’t quite make it but he does try. Have you ever spoken up and said the wrong thing? Maybe denied Jesus? I can relate for sure. Jesus chooses to use  Peter in mighty ways even so.

The disciples are together when suddenly there is a loud noise and they all start telling people about God’s mighty works and deeds, but they are all talking in different languages. Bystanders (there are many due to the harvest festival) have been drawn by the noise and are amazed to hear these simple folks praising God in their own varied languages. People from far away countries with different backgrounds hear about God in their own tongue. How can this be?

Peter sees the crowd and jumps into action. He stands up and using Scripture explains what is really going on. This was prophesied long ago. He proves with Scripture that Jesus was God’s own Son and that the folks listening had a hand in killing him. He sees the crowd and delivers an incredible sermon clearly explaining the events that have  occurred. Three thousand believe and are baptized. Peter follows both his  impulsive nature, but this time is guided by the Holy Spirit. He takes advantage of the opportunity of having a large crowd gathered. First explaining the foreign languages, then proving from Scripture that King David had foretold that the Holy One would not rot in the grave and that David was talking about his Lord. Gathering in worship prepared Peter "the impulsive one" to receive the Holy Spirit and proclaim the Good News.

Come Holy Spirit!

Andy Pluim
Wetaskiwin, AB


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