Oct. 1-3, 2018 | Canmore, AB

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Your retreat fee covers Monday and Tuesday nights only. If you would like to arrive early/stay late, we will make the reservation, but you will be required to pay for the additional night(s). (Approximately $130, plus taxes)
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In order to offset costs for our brothers and sisters who have the largest transportation costs, those who travel farthest will pay less. As always, regardless of location contact the conference if you require financial assistance. Church prices are per couple.
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We have four room types reserved at the hotel. You have the option here to select a room that will be the best fit for you. Of course 'deluxe' rooms come with 'deluxe' prices. We will add this additional cost to your amount due. Prices are for both retreat nights. Economy Double Room = 2 double beds, stand-up walk in shower Deluxe Queen Room = 2 queen beds, full bathroom
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