Seminars in Breton, AB

The Future of Youth Ministry | Tim Ciccone

So much is changing around teenagers lives: Culture, politics, church, family. How is the church responding? How are we as youth workers responding? Please join us to discuss these types of questions as we seek the Lord together for the future of youth ministry in the Canadian Conference. God loves teenagers, and he loves who care for them! Let’s dig in together and see where the Spirit leads.  

Tim Ciccone is Director of Youth Ministry for the Evangelical Covenant Church and has a deep passion to serve and encourage youth workers across the denomination. He is father to Caleb, Josiah, Samantha, and Ethan and has been marries to Maria for 18 years. Prior to this role, Tim was the Pastor of Generational Discipleship at Hillcrest Covenant Church in the Kansas City area. He attended Covenant Bible College (class of ‘93) and also served as the youth pastor at Faith Covenant Church in Breton, AB. He earned his MDiv from North Park Theological Seminary and has been serving in the church for over 24 years. Tim is passionate about all people finding and following Jesus!


Authentic Community - What Does it REALLY Look Like? | Ken Thiessen

Jesus was very clear in Matthew 22:36-40 that the entire law and all the demands of the prophets could be fulfilled by Loving God and Loving Others. But what does that really look like lived out in the context of the church, your church? In an interactive session, Dr. Ken Thiessen will outline some of the ways in which "community' is experienced in many churches. Using the lens of Scripture he will address the question, "If that is what many churches experience as 'authentic' community, is that really what loving God and loving others looks like the way Jesus intended it?" If not, what might a more biblical understanding of "Authentic Community" look like lived out in your congregation?   

As the Senior Consulting Partner (at Power of One Consulting), Ken Thiessen has a 30 year track record of leading, consulting, and coaching organization to realize their imagined future. As a true entrepreneur, Ken brings a wealth of diverse experiences and expertise to his coaching and consulting practice. He has owned and operated a restaurant, spent a number of years in retail store management, been a highly successful commission territory sales person, and effectively led a number of faith-based nonprofit agencies and organizations both as an employee and board member. He served in pastoral ministry for 20 years including 8 years as senior pastor of a church that went through a significant visioning process resulting in exponential growth and a major capital building project. He then spent 5 years as a Regional Minister with Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Ken has earned Doctor of Ministry Degree from Carey Theological College (Vancouver, BC) with a specialization in understanding and facilitating deep change in organizational systems. He took his doctoral work and published his findings in his book, The Anxious Congregation. Manage Your Fear. Before it Manages You.  Designed for ministry practitioners, it helps pastors and church leaders recognize the way in which anxiety influences congregational life and decision making processes. He is a certified coach with Gazelles International , a network of business consultants and coaches who help businesses and nonprofit organizations apply the Rockerfeller Habits approach to strategic planning to maximize the effectiveness and growth of their organization. He is also the author of a second book, The Entrepreneurial Nonprofit. The Key to Maximizing Sustainable Impact.  Ken is married to Becv (35 years) and they have two married children.


The Power of 60 Minutes: from ZERO to Your First Gift in SIXTY minutes! | Paul Stehelin

Christian Stewardship Services explains the power of a 60-minute Will Clinic, and the success of a 60-minute Will Visit for your congregation. In a 60-minute Will Clinic, the participants learn about proper estate planning, and how to include a gift in their will for your congregation or charity. In a 60-minute free in-home Will Visit we explore estate planning for the client, and options for current and future gifts for your school. These precious minutes equal gifts both now and in the future for your church, and peace of mind for your supporters.