Seminars in Toronto, ON

Developing a Missional Mindset | Tammi Hernandez

The mission of God has never changed but the way we "do mission" has. We face new challenges and opportunities both in embracing our past and engaging our present. We will discuss together how to be a missional people in a cross-cultural context that truly builds up the Kingdom of God and not just our sense of helping others. 

Tammi has been a Covenant missionary for 10 years, working in the areas of inner-church connection and mission trips. She and her husband, José, lead mission trips throughout the Caribbean and are involved in urban ministries in the Dominican Republic. José uses Christian rap, urban dance, and Bible study as a bridge to evangelize and disciple youth. They just welcomed the youngest missionary to their family... their first son, Arthur Isaac, was born in January. 


Love Mercy, Do Justice | Cecilia Williams

The Evangelical Covenant Church is committed to pursuing compassion and justice through our world. Through one of our ministry priorities, Love Mercy, Do Justice, we work to help hurting people (love mercy), and address the causes of that hurt (do justice). From a biblically rooted perspective, we provide tangible ways of extending the love of Jesus in deed as well as work, and speak as advocates. Through various ministries, we work to bring the love of Christ and the justice of God's kingdom to the marginalized, the powerless, and the oppressed. Join us as we take a look at the biblical, theological, and practical approaches to loving mercy, and doing justice. 

Cecilia Williams serves as the ECC Executive Minister of Love Mercy, Do Justice.