From the ECCC

Welcome to the website of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. We are a family of churches with roots in Canada going back to 1904. Our identity springs from God's radical hospitality found in the love of Jesus, and in his call to join him in restoring all that is broken in our world. Part of our 'covenant' – our agreement together – is to love one another, above all else. Relationships are sacred, and you are most welcome at our table! 

Our mission priorities – which you can explore further in these pages – are to Make & Deepen Disciples, Start & Strengthen Churches, Develop Leaders, and Love Justice, Do Mercy. Our work of supporting the local church is focused by these priorities.

We partner with a range of agencies serving people within Canada, and with ministries and people on the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Israel and Palestine, Ecuador, and Haiti.

Thank you for your interest in the ECCC. We warmly invite you to contact our office – personal connection trumps the web any day.

Glenn Peterson

President & Superintendent of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada

From the ECC

Thanks for your interest in the Evangelical Covenant Church. This movement of more than 800 congregations in the United States and Canada gathers around the central truth of the Bible: you matter to God.

Set in motion in 1885 by immigrants, today we are a growing, multiethnic, intergenerational mosaic of churches with ministry partnerships in nearly forty countries. We join efforts in the hope of seeing even more people engage in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, across more populations, in a more caring and just world.

On these pages you will find a lot about who we are and what we do. But, it is in our churches that you will experience it first hand. One of God’s great gifts in life is others for the journey. We welcome taking the journey with you.

Gary B. Walter

President of the Evangelical Covenant Church

An Invitation

The most important thing we have to offer is an invitation to experience new life in Christ. In the Bible we learn that God gives new and indestructible life to any person who trusts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. A trusting personal relationship with Jesus is all that is needed to be a Christian. We invite you to contact one of our pastors to find out more.