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Couples Cabins and Family Cabins are limited. We will offer these on a first come, first served basis.
Bedding and towels will only be provided upon request.
Extra Day
If you would like to stay at the camp Sunday night (prior to the ECCC Pastor/Spouse Retreat beginning on Monday), please select this box. The fee for the extra day is $20.
If you and your group will need a travel subsidy please give us an estimated cost of travel to and from the conference.

Your participation at the Youth Ministry Conference implies permission for the ECCC to reproduce your image in post-event publicity and publicity for other such events sponsored by the ECCC. Thank you!


  • All cabins surround a centrally located bathroom, complete with showers. Please bring shampoo and soap. 
  • Bedding and towels will only be provided upon request (registration form). 

Registration Fees

  • Registration ($99)
    Register before Sept. 15th, 2018.
    Each additional registration from a church/ministry receives this discounted fee. 
  • Extra Day ($20)
    Those who will continue on to the ECCC Pastor/Spouse Retreat are welcome to stay at the camp Sunday night for an additional $20. This will also provide you with supper Sunday and breakfast on Monday. 


Youth Ministry Conference registration fees have been subsidised by the Trellis Foundation. 

Trellis Foundation is to be a catalyst of biblical, intentional and innovative discipleship in the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. To learn more - click here!