Ecuador - Covenant Partners in Jesus’ Kingdom

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Ecuador (Iglesia Pacto Evangelica del Ecuador, or IPEE) has invited the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada (ECCC) to partner with them to build up the body of Christ in a global way. 

For several years Andy and Jenell Pluim, former Covenant missionaries to Ecuador, have lead an ECCC mission trip to Ecuador. In recent years we’ve been serving Sumaco, a small village in the eastern jungle to support that community after surviving a devastating earthquake and encourage them in agricultural development and children’s ministry. The next trip, in 2016, will be directed by Natasha Westerhoud and Arden Gustafson.  

By partnering together, Canadian Covenanters have the opportunity to send service teams on a regular basis to many different communities in Ecuador to:

  • Participate in construction projects
  • Support agricultural development
  • Offer children’s programs, literacy programs, English classes, medical care
  • Share our faith and worship with our Ecuadorian brothers and sisters in Christ

Canadian Covenant individuals and churches also have the opportunity to give financially to:

  • Support construction needs
  • Supply needed teaching materials & encourage youth conferences 
  • Deliver sports equipment and materials for local youth outreach
  • Further pastoral training, provide emergency funds for pastors’ families

Thank you to all of those who have committed to be a part of our '64 for Ecuador' team! We're that much closer to opening our first medical clinic in Cayambe, Ecuador. But, there is one other roadblock standing in our way. We are waiting on a building permit from the Ministry of Health. Will you join us in prayer that God would give us the "key" to a new beginning?Learn more about the 64 for Ecuador here: https://www.santiagopartnership.org/64-for-ecuador/

Posted by Santiago Partnership on Friday, August 28, 2015

The Place

Ecuador is a South American country about a third the size of Alberta with 13 million citizens. It has three distinct and beautiful ecological areas: coast, mountains (sierra) and jungle. The people work hard and love to laugh and play. Spanish is the official language.

Ecuador has suffered for centuries under poor economic conditions and lack of integrity in public offices. Families are very close, however, families are as equally dysfunctional or worse than in Canada and the U.S. There is terrible pressure on men to be macho and distant from children. Alcoholism is rampant. There is a desperation about the lack of future opportunities. Christian teaching and instruction is minimal. 

Although Catholicism predominates, only 5% of the population attends church regularly. Many children are caught in a cycle of abusive parents and little hope of higher education. Churches are limited in resources to provide families with Biblical parenting skills and discipleship.

  • There are 64 Evangelical Covenant Churches in IPEE, plus another 20 house-church groups. 
  • These churches average about 100 members each, much like the Covenant Churches in Canada.
  • Ecuador has the second highest alcoholism rate in the world, second only to Russia.
  • 20% of the Ecuadorian population earns less than $1 per day.
  • Only 48% of secondary age children are in school.
  • Unemployment is about 24%.
  • 7 out of 10 Ecuadorian children live in poverty.

The Annual Mission Trip: 

The 2017 Mission Trip will be a study trip for our pastors. 

For more information on our Ecuador mission trips, contact Natasha Westerhoud or Arden Gustafson at the Norquay Covenant Church.  Phone: (306) 594-2233

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