June 7-17, 2017

The 2017 Study Tour is full. Plan to join us on our next tour in 2019!

Israel / Palestine Study Tour

Our experience is based around 2 things: 

1. The "sacred stones" - the geography, architecture and sacred spaces that gives us a new take on the biblical story.

2. The "living stones" - these are our brothers and sisters in Christ who will invite us into sharing their story. The story of the Palestinian Christians is difficult, moving and motivating. This is a unique aspect of our experience that you will not find on almost any other tour. 

What you can expect to feel and see: 

The Sea of Galilee and its gorgeous country side, wilderness, waterfalls and everything in between. You will feel the buzz of old city Jerusalem and the emotion that can come from the significant sites marking the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus!

Whom you will meet: 

Our greatest hope is that you will meet again with the person of Jesus as he continues to live amongst his people. This is not a trip to a grave site but an opportunity to experience Jesus who lives! We will also meet with numerous Palestinian Christian leaders who are indigenous to the area and are a vibrant remnant in the land we call holy, including Dr. Yohanna Katanacho, Academic Dean of Galilee Bible College / Bethlehem Bible College


  • $2,100 US + Airfare
  • Register with a $100 deposit before January 15, 2017 to receive $300 off. 
  • Space limited to 35 people
  • single supplement charge of $608. Contact the office if you have questions regarding this.

If you are interested, have any questions or would like more detail on the itinerary feel free to contact our office at 204-269-3437 or office(a)covchurch.ca