Encouraging Healthy Missional Momentum

Congregational vitality is a journey of life, energy, passion, discovery, and hope. It is a result of the living God breathing new life into the heart of a congregation. Vitality is the wind of the Spirit…“a rushing wind so wild and strong,” as the old hymn goes. Our role is to raise our sails and catch this wind.

Vitality is nothing less than a spiritual awakening in Christ. It is not about sustaining and maintaining; it’s about thriving, growing, and depending on God to lead us deeper in Christ and further in mission.

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Telling the Truth About Congregational Vitality

Veritas is a workshop designed for pastors, chairpersons, and other key leaders in the church. We will discover together the marks of a healthy missional church and the four types of established churches in the Covenant. We will then look at next steps.

The Veritas workshop is a great way to get the conversation going and/or to take it to the next level. The purpose of the workshop is to remind people that God is in the resurrection business and that he is pulling for you and your church to overcome.

Veritas is taught by John Wenrich, ECC director of congregational vitality, and by members of the Veritas Teaching Team, including Gerald Froese.

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How strong are your church's Vital Signs?

Read the 10 Healthy Missional Markers

In my thirty-five plus years of ministry, Veritas is the single most important strategy to come down the road. Churches are spending time ‘goal setting, dreaming, and scheming’ without taking a hard look at themselves, i.e. discovering what kind of church they are and what that means about their decision-making process and what needs to take place. I’ve participated in a number of these (Covenant) programs and while seeing value in them, for the most part, have always been left with a church unable to get off the mark because it hasn’t understood who it is.
— Covenant pastor

Further Resources for Strengthening Churches

EPIC: Empowering People, Inspiring Change - the follow-up workshop to Veritas

Navigate - a communal approach to accelerating vitality