Vocational ministry begins with a personal sense that God is indeed calling you to be set apart for ministry within and to the body of Christ. This calling must be tested and authenticated by the larger church. When the church affirms this calling it offers the appropriate credential which endorses you to serve and lead within the various roles of ministry.

The credentialing and endorsement process is crucial in creating a healthy context for ministry. This process makes the pastor accountable to the local church and denomination as well as to the community of pastors in the Covenant Ministerium.

Ministerium Dues $125

Pay by Credit Card using the PayPal link or send a cheque (payable to the ECCC) with 'Miniserium Dues' included in the memo. Please send cheques to the ECCC office at the address below.

PO Box 2247
Strathmore, AB T1P 1K2

Clergy Residency Deduction (CRD)

In order to receive the clergy residency deduction pastors must fill out a T-1223 in conjunction with their church chair (employer). This form must be filled out every year and filed on the church grounds. CRA does not require you send the form in with your taxes, but they may ask for it at any time. 

If you receive your clergy residency deduction at source, meaning you do not wait until taxes to receive your deduction, you must fill out a T-1213. Additional information is required with a T-1213 and we suggest you file this document with CRA every September in order to be approved for the following year. Remember, if you receive the clergy residency deduction on your paycheque and not once a year with your tax return, you must follow these rules. Please contact the conference office for a full explanation in order to assist you in getting your CRD at source approved by CRA. 

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Ministerium Board

David Johnson - Chair
Julia Sandstrom - Vice-Chair
Jason Ashley - Secretary
Marc Vandersluys - Vice-Secretary
Kors Pater - Treasurer

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