Whatever we have we will share (Sarepta Project)

A natural leader in her community, Madame Mark fiercely cares for the elderly each week in Haiti. She knows by name the 100 or so people who receive breakfast each Sunday morning. Several years ago, she noticed the elderly people at church were fainting during the service. Connecting the dots, it was realized many were not getting enough food to eat.

Enough was enough. The solution was simple. Feed them. A widower and mother of five, Madame Mark came home from church one Sunday and told her kids we are going to pick three people and feed them every Sunday morning with whatever we have – we will share with them.

In Haiti, as in other countries around the world, when adults are not able to work their children take care of them and help to provide basic needs as they age. If you do not have children or their children have passed away their source of income no longer exists. So, what happens to the seniors?

Madame Mark could not stand to see them struggling. It was the community’s responsibility to care for their elders. But when she offered to share the following Sunday, more than 15 elderly people came forward needing assistance. As word got out, more than they count showed up. Madame Mark found herself running a feeding program.

The Sarepta Elderly Feeding Project has changed a whole community. It has grown from just Madame Mark to her team of people through the church that volunteer to cook breakfast and divide up food monthly that helps supplement their meals for a month at a time for about 100 elderly and several handicapped youth. Some of the support provided to the program is from the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. A yearly commitment of 6,620 US is required and the need continues to grow.

Her vision continues to grow for the people she serves and what she believes God has called her to do with the Sarepta Project. What is truly remarkable about the people in Haiti is the care and attention paid to individuals who easily could fall through the cracks and go unnoticed. They are noticed, valued and even with five kids to feed, you share whatever you have.   

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