Neil Josephson Leadership Award

The Neil Josephson Leadership Award was established by the ECCC Leadership Board in 2008 to honour the significant leadership passion modelled by Neil in numerous Covenant ministries, including his work as President of Covenant Bible College. As Neil is committed to the priesthood of all believers, this is to be awarded annually to a congregation or ECCC-related ministry that seeks to intentionally develop deeper leadership within their ministry.

The Details

The award shall be up to a maximum of $2,000, reimbursed upon submission of actual costs of leadership development initiative(s). The period of time to complete the grant is September to June, during the primary ministry year for most congregations. All receipts are due (electronic copy is fine) during this time frame. 

A congregation or leadership group must make an application – a formal motion should be passed at an officially called meeting of the congregation or leadership. Application deadline is June 15 with decision made and communicated by July 15.

The application should list the following:
Church Chair, Name and Contact Information
Pastor, Name and Contact Information
Individual Responsible for Oversight of Grant, Name and Contact Information

The 2017/2018 Award recipients shall be responsible for choosing the winner of the 2018/2019 award. 



Application 2019

Submit a proposal, articulating your plan, past initiatives, and anticipated outcomes:

1. The Proposal - Give a detailed plan for enhancing Leadership Development in your ministry context. Please include the following:

  • Statement of issue(s) to be addressed through this proposal

  • Specific group(s) that will participate in your proposal

  • Number of anticipated participants in your proposal

  • Materials/resources required to implement your proposal

  • Overall philosophy/model of leadership presented throughout the plan

  • Total estimated cost of your proposal, including requested funds and local

  • Local investment in the plan, and a timeline of program delivery

  • Note the following Score Card Values used in determining the award recipient:

    • Format and Quality of Application 10%

    • Statement of Proposal 30%

    • Impact re: number of participants 15%

    • Impact re: formation of participants 25%

    • Probability of implementation 20%

2. Past Initiatives - Briefly describe in 250 words or less any leadership development initiatives that have been used within the past three years.


Application must be submitted by June 15, 2019 to:
Mail: PO Box 2247 Strathmore, AB T1P 1K2
Email: office(@)
Fax: 204.269.3584