To equip women to grow, serve, and connect in transformational relationships, to unite in Christ, to impact our world. 

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We continue to stand for women in our generation as we discern needs and injustices, and take heart in God's promise as found in Isaiah 33:6

"He will be the sure foundation FOR YOUR TIMES, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure."   He is enough and he is faithful! 

As you heard on Meagan's video, WM has entered fully into working within our denomination in the area of "Make and Deepen Disciples."

In the Canada Conference our key meeting takes place at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) each year, where we present a number of projects and agree to support them. This year (2015) our guest speaker, Pastor and Group Consultant Jill Riley, involved us in an exercise to once again clarify and affirm our common vision and mission. What became clear in this was that for women in our churches "Women's Needs/Justice" is the highest priority. This is expressed through three focus areas: Equip/Educate, Mission, and Fellowship. 

Ideally a WM Group within a Covenant Church reflects each of these. Our terminology and our methods change as needed, but our desire for ministry is always focused on the women in our lives, women who are in need of our advocacy, and women who minister globally. 


We assist WM groups to identify and connect with outreach opportunities in their own communities, promoting local networking and development. Our Ministry Coach Jenell Pluim is key in offering training and visioning for individuals or groups who would like assistance with making ideas come to life, or getting out of a rut. Together with our Growth Chair they are eager to work in coordination with the Canada Conference regarding church plants and emerging churches, viewing WM leadership development as a took to help new congregations grow.

We offer a Faith and Outreach Grant of up to $500.00 to help a new venture among women get off the ground. 
Faith and Outreach Grant Application


Our ministry focus here is to encourage spiritual renewal through preparation and/or promotion of appropriate resources. 

A key event for all women of the Covenant Church is a large Retreat/Conference called Triennial. The next one will be held July 28-31, 2015 in Kansas City, MO. This year we have the privilege of offering scholarships for Triennial. 

For more information on the event, registration, and scholarships, please follow this link

From our fund we also assist the spouses of Ordinands each year to help them join in the joy of the ordination ceremony. As well we contribute to the CBC Legacy Scholarship fund annually to help those attending Christian discipleship training programs. 


Missionary work is the focus of this ministry. Every 3 years the women of the Canada Conference are partnered with 2 career Covenant missionaries and a retired missionary. Each career SIM (Special Interest Missionary) is invited to submit a $300 US project that will enhance their ministries. In addition, each SIM received a $25 US birthday gift. 

Currently, we support Dina Katanacho (Director of Arab/Israeli Bible Society), Kelly Prudek (Czeck Republic), and Letha Kerl (Regional Coordinator for Europe, with her husband). View our report from this year's AGM here

In addition, we support Zimele, South Africa (video) and Becky Barnaciuc (Missionary to Moldova)

We also offer a Missionary Encouragement Fund to those involved in a short term Mission Experience.
Missionary Encouragement Fund Application


Women of the Covenant have led out with courage and fortitude to address the social ills we face in our society and abroad. We aim to develop and/or promote ministries of compassion, mercy and justice to women and children within our conference and congregations. 

WM heard the cry of women trapped in domestic abuse and created AVA (Advocates for Victims of Abuse). Response has been so great that it has grown to be an international ministry. 

The healing step in this ministry is found in a support group called "Mending the Soul". To learn more watch this video by Facilitator Deb Kenny. 


To support WM you can be actively involved in a group in your church or as an individual. Become the initiator to support one of our projects by holding a fundraiser, stay in touch with our overseas partners, give us feedback. Our projects for the 2015 year can be found here

If you would like to stay in touch with the work of Women Ministry, please email and we will add you to our Newsletter. You can also find us on Facebook and 'like' our page Covenant Women in Touch.

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