Sept 28 - 30, 2018

Covenant Bay Bible Camp
Pigeon Lake, AB

A weekend long gathering of encouragement, networking, and professional development designed for paid and volunteer youth workers in the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. It is the desire of the ECCC Youth Ministry Network and Covenant Bay Bible Camp to equip and train youth ministry leaders in their role at the local church. Youth ministry is dynamic and it is important to continually sharpen one's ministry tools as well as add new ones. From practical lessons like organizing and the administration of a youth ministry to staying fresh while serving in the trenches of youth ministry. This weekend is strategically scheduled for the weekend right before the ECCC Pastor and Spouse retreat, to reduce travel cost for some attendees.

We're excited to have guest speaker Benjamin Kerns join us this year! He comes to us with a wealth of experience and expertise in the world of youth ministry... 

Ben Kerns.png

After almost two decades of student ministry, my heart still beats and breaks for students. Loving students and helping them love Jesus have been the foundational principles around which I have organized my life and ministry. While my job description has transformed over the years, I am still most passionate about investing in the student ministry at Marin Covenant Church.

In this current season of ministry, I find myself being both a practitioner in a local setting as well as a sought after communicator, facilitator, trainer, and leader, encouraging and equipping the next generation of youth workers. I oversee my local network as well as the networking framework for my entire denomination. I have written for a number of publications and am honored to be a contributor to the youthministry360 team, Youth Specialties Blog, and to Orange Leaders.

I graduated from Bethel Seminary with his Masters of Divinity and is Ordained to Word and Sacrament in the Evangelical Church. I am married to my precious and amazing wife Katie, and together we are attempting to raise their two kids to love Jesus, life, and baseball. I also write here, on my blog,, and have authored three books, Holy Parenting and Average Youth Ministry, and From the Pen to the Palace.

I also have the opportunity to serve in my denomination on the speaker team and as the coordinator for our National Youth Worker Network.


Registration Cost: $99/person
Registration Deadline: Sept. 15th, 2018