Bearing the Wait: An Advent Companion


This holiday season, The Covenant Companion would like you to have a FREE downloadable PDF called Bearing the Wait: An Advent Companion, a devotional guide from the editors and writers of the Covenant's very own magazine. The devotional was created to help the ECC community enter into a spirit of reflection and expectation as we look forward to the celebration of our Saviour's birth. Each devotional includes a scripture verse and a thoughtful meditation on the hope and good news of "the Word made flesh."

Neil Josephson Award 2018/2019 Recipient

The 2018/2019 recipient of the Neil Josephson Leadership Award is Lighthouse Community Church in Sarnia, ON!

The proposal submitted by Lighthouse Community Church highlights the recent growth and development they have experienced in their community and the "growing pains" that come with that. This led them to plan a weekend retreat for their leadership team and staff members. Their hope for the weekend is to come away with renewed energy, vision, and strength. In addition to individual and team growth, creating a five-year plan is a practical and tangible goal of the weekend. They hope this will help them to refocus their mission and vision to further God's Kingdom at Lighthouse, and accommodate further expansion of their community. 

The Neil Josephson Award was established by the ECCC Leadership Board in 2008 to honour the significant leadership passion modelled by Neil in numerous Covenant ministries, including his work as President of Covenant Bible College. The award is given annually to a congregation or ECCC-related ministry that seeks to intentionally develop deeper leadership within their ministry. A maximum of $2,000 is reimbursed upon submission of actual costs. 

To learn more about the application process, click here

Interview with Superintendent/President Nominee

Dear ECCC friends,

It is now less than one month until we will be gathering together in Winnipeg for the 114th Annual General Meeting of the Canada Conference. The AGM is a time of worship, celebrating what God has done, discerning future direction and selecting leaders.  A highlight of this year’s meeting will be the vote on the new President/Superintendent.  As delegates will be voting on behalf of the churches they represent, we, as a leadership board, strongly urge churches, church leadership and AGM delegates to have a conversation regarding the nominee, Glenn Peterson, and whether or not they will choose to affirm him for this vital leadership position.

Here is a link to a brief introduction of Glenn and the answers to several questions which may aid in your discussion.


Terence Barg
ECCC Leadership Board Chair