Kernels of Hope 2013 - A Year to Remember!

Agriculture is a long word for taking chances! Agriculture almost anywhere makes the farmer make decisions based on relatively unknown upcoming circumstances... Weather and markets, labour and input costs are all often unpredictable. Around the world people continue to take those chances every year. Without those risk takers we would be a very hungry world!

Much of the Canadian Prairies this year went through spring with crops with slow and spotty germination... Everyone was holding their breath hoping for improvements... The prices were high but how much yield would we get? As early summer hit we found that the crops got better and better! By the harvest time many farmers often found the biggest bushels of their lives flowing into the combines! Story after story of humungous yields were told !  Many of our crops were fantastic in yield and low in disease! The normal process for our Kernels of Hope fields is to price and deliver the grain as soon as it is harvested. That happened again and that was also a blessing for the project. People that waited to deliver or to price saw one of the biggest price slides ever in the grain markets at the same time as many of the grain elevators began to max out on the number of bushels they could even buy! Things worked out for us this year! The project that we are raising crops and funds for in North Kivu in the Congo will get approximately $447,000 of through our partnerships with World Relief Canada and the Canadian Food Grains Bank and the Canadian Government. Wow!  

Thank you so much to the real farmers that make this all possible: the Marvins, the Van Heysts, the Penners, the Arndts, the VanBurgstedens, the Nelsons, the Olsons, and others and to the producers helping through Hudyes "Helping Feed the World" initiative and thanks to the Virtual Farmers like you for supporting Kernels of Hope paying for the expenses! We also pass on thanks from the people benefiting in the Congo... Helping others feed themselves... one kernel at a time. Just for one minute trade shoes with those you are helping and you may get a glimpse of the magnitude of the effects of your help! We have been blessed so that we can bless others.   

A year to remember...

From Ray "The Grain Guy" Baloun | ECCC Kernels of Hope page | Ray's Kernels of Hope Blog