Trellis Foundation Website Launched: Now Receiving Discipleship Grant Applications

Trellis Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of their new website,, and to invite applications for Discipleship Grants. 

A trellis is a tool that enables a grapevine to get off the ground and grow upward, becoming more fruitful and productive.
— Peter Scazzero

Trellis Foundation is a legacy of Covenant Bible College (CBC) – one of the fruits of CBC’s 66 years of rich and creative ministry discipling young adults. Trellis senses God’s call to continue the purpose of CBC, which was “to equip men and women to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.”

The sale of CBC properties after its closure in 2007 produced significant funds in a truly miraculous way. By investing those funds, Trellis seeks to honour those who have for generations joined in CBC’s work through prayer, through sacrificial giving, as faculty and staff, and as students themselves.

In its granting capacity, Trellis Foundation will be a catalyst for discipleship in the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada (ECCC) for generations to come. By partnering with ECCC communities, Trellis will further CBC’s work of strengthening churches and developing leaders who are mastered by the Word of God, shaped by the love of God, and partners in work of God.

Purpose and Core Values

The purpose of Trellis Foundation is to be a catalyst of biblical, intentional and innovative discipleship in the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada.

The Trellis website says, "Following Jesus is what discipleship is all about. The definition of disciple is simply a person who is learning from Jesus how to live their everyday life. A disciple is a student whose teacher is Jesus. Our desire is that Trellis Foundation, in the legacy of Covenant Bible College, would support growth in God’s kingdom in amazingly fruitful ways. Sometimes all that is needed is getting an idea ‘off the ground.’"

Trellis' granting criteria flow from its core values: 

Biblical Impact

Trellis values biblical inspiration and grounding for the work of discipleship. Trellis seeks awareness of what God is doing so that we actively join in his kingdom work.

Intentional Planning

The work of deepening disciples of Jesus calls us to be deliberate. Trellis values catalyzing forethought, people, time, and resources to bear fruit.

Innovative Ministry

Cultures and paradigms shift. Trellis values innovative ministry that addresses both the heart of needs in our world and the growing edges of our society, trying new things in new ways for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Apply for a Discipleship Grant

Get that discipleship dream off the ground! Go to for full details, to download the application and see helpful tips for your proposal.

Trellis Foundation Discipleship grants will be distributed to registered Canadian Covenant charitable organizations (i.e., the ECCC, its member churches, camps and other future affiliated ministries).

Applications will be evaluated for:

  • an intentional desire to cultivate disciples,
  • a biblically based purpose with a clear goal,
  • a specific purpose and specific time period,
  • a budget that is well thought out, evidence of church community support,
  • innovative approaches and techniques for the growth and development of disciples of Jesus,
  • promotion of volunteer participation and community investment.

Please note that Trellis Foundation will not be granting towards loans, construction projects, nor existing operational budgets. The disbursement will be 3.5% per year (the disbursement amount required by the CRA) as the funds are to be kept in perpetuity.

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