Prayers Requested for ECCC Global Partner

Superintendent, Jeff Anderson, received the following prayer request from one of our partners in Palestine: Dina Katanacho of the Arab Israeli Bible Society. 

Dear Friends

Everyone thinks that there is going to be a war here, so now people are afraid to leave their homes! Newspapers reported that there were several attempts of kidnapping by extremists.

An atmosphere of revenge, hatred, fear, violence, killing and hate language is spreading fast like a virus in the country , in many towns inside Israel and in the Palestinian territories.

Many demonstrations are taking place at Arab towns inside Israel, and in Nazareth as well, just two minutes away from the Arab Israeli Bible Society. On the morning of Sunday July 6, one of our pastors Mousa Allawi who is going to attend our Alpha conference on the 11th of July this week has been attacked with  Rev. Attallah Issawi by Israeli settlers.

Both pastors were going to church but were stopped by a group of settlers. The Israeli army was there too but did not interfere. Rev. Attallah who was the driver was informed that the Israeli settlers will hurt them. He responded quickly and made a U-Turn cruising away as fast as possible. The same settlers threw big stones at them breaking the rear windows and damaging the body of the car. Then they chased them for almost 5 kilometers until Attallah entered a nearby Palestinian town. They were safe.

My husband and I called Rev. Mousa  who lives in Ramla near Tel-Aviv area to check on him.  Mousa expressed his deep gratitude for God’s grace and for the safety of all the passengers of the attacked car. He reminded us of many Christians who believe in God’s sovereignty and who are grateful for every extra day in our lives. "We live for the Lord and we are ready to serve Him wherever he leads". Rev. Mousa was not only thankful for his safety but also expressed his willingness to serve the Lord wherever is needed. He is willing to continue to extend the Kingdom of God in dangerous places.

We as an Arab Israeli Bible Society are committed to love, to spread the prayers of forgiveness and be peacemakers as the Lord command us so that His Kingdom will spread and His principles will be ruled on our aching land.

We need your prayers for protection, peace, and wisdom on how to spread peace in the midst of this violence. Pray for our Alpha conference on the 11th of July that is going to be held in Jerusalem, some people are afraid to attend .

Last,  pray for all the persecuted and the ones who suffer injustices especially in Israel and Palestine. Let us commit ourselves to spread the Kingdom of the Messiah among both Palestinians and Jews. Christ died for both of them


Dina Katanacho
Arab Israeli Bible Society

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