Nineteenth Day of Lent

John 11:1-16

In this story, Jesus has been summoned by Martha to come and heal her sick brother Lazarus. When the time is right, Jesus gathers his disciples saying, “Let us go back to Judea.” Concerns for the safety of their Lord and questions about the necessity of the suggested trip are quickly brought up. These followers of Jesus are distracted with worldly concerns and have lost sight of what truly matters.

I used to care for a boy, who was 18 months old at the time, named Elliott. When Elliott needed something from me, he would grab my hand and say, “Come.” He would then proceed to pull me to the place where my attention was needed. Now, I came to learn that when Elliott says, “Come.” you go. For he may just lead you to a dead bird in the playground! When Elliott says, “Come.” you don’t ask questions, because he can’t give you the answers. You go, and then you see.

This has been a theme that continues to come up in my life. In the story we read today, the disciples are so caught up asking questions about their journey and destination, that they fail to see and trust the one they are journeying with. In my life, I am guilty of similar habits. When I am led in a certain direction, I hesitate with wanting to know all the details before I take the first step. I want to know the outcome before I make a move. I have come to learn that following Jesus requires a surrendering of these never-ceasing questions and anxious thoughts. Though it may feel like we are taking a step into the dark, we have faith that the Light of the World is there to guide us.

As we journey to the cross, let us go.

For then, we will see.

Hanne Johnson
Faith Covenant Church
Winnipeg, MB