Third Day of Lent

John 2:1-12

This story is the first recorded miracle of Jesus. Jesus - the divine Son of God, fully God, present in creation - kicks off performing miracles with water and wine at a wedding. Before going on, please read it again with these questions in mind: Who notices the miracle? Who does Jesus invite into this experience?

The story says that only the servants see it. Not the wealthy bridegroom who is hosting the costly party, not the master of ceremonies - not the people we would think matter at this event. The “players” at the party are unaware that the God of the universe in human form has done something in their midst. Jesus invites the servants to be participants in his first miracle.

Jesus starts off years of miracles and teaching and new life opportunities by doing something simple and something small for someone else, and getting absolutely no notoriety from it.

We are all invited to Jesus’ peaceful revolution, and as we participate together in Lent we have to notice that the first miracle Jesus does begins with no grand stage , no celebrity noticing it, and no fireworks commemorating.

What does this mean if this is the way Jesus starts doing miracles?

During the Lent season, some people try to make external changes to represent an internal change of direction or intent. Maybe it’s good to keep this story in mind during this decision making process, because what if you did something that mirrors the way Jesus chose to do things in this story? Maybe, instead of “giving something up” that betters yourself (even though that might be good), what if you focused on regularly doing something small that is entirely for someone else? What is something you could do in Lent that includes and invites the marginalized to participate? What if you sought doing this small thing without seeking or attaining fanfare or notoriety?

The world is changed through who and how we are because Jesus invites all of us to participate in the things he is about.

Joel Braun
Kensington Commons Covenant Church
Calgary, AB