Thirty-First Day of Lent

John 14:1-14

Right after Jesus says, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled,” he promises a new home.

“I’m going to get a place ready for you, then swing back and pick you up, and we’ll always be together!”  Sounds like a great marriage to me.

But, just like Phillip, I don’t understand his next statement: “You know the way to where I am going”.

Now maybe if Phil and I just paused for a minute we could figure it out. “The way to where I am going” Hmmm. Well, if heaven is constant Presence of God at a time when my heart is naturally righteous, I would have to say that is not this life, but the next. Is that what Jesus is saying? “I have to go through death in order to make a way for you to come to the Father.”

Was Phillip supposed to know this already? Jesus hoped he would. He seemed pained later when Phillip kept asking for tangible clarity (v.9).

But I don’t understand Jesus’ connection from thought to thought. I find it mysterious, and maybe that’s the point. Don’t be troubled: get used to trusting; live in an expectant mysterious hope. Is that the perspective he is longing for Phillip to have?

I get the sense he’s saying, “I’m living within a whole other dimension. I see the spirit of Creator God in me and it enables all I do. Listen for it, tune to it, and recognize it provides the very essence of life!”

“There’s more to come. Don’t worry.”

But wait, that’s not all. Jesus goes on to imply that we haven’t even scratched surface of the greatness he is happy to bestow on us (v.12).

I’m left with the sense that I have to risk believing bigger than the box. Instinctively, to let the child in me cry out to be loved and taken care of forever more. And that’s what he promises to do.

Dare I admit to the size of my desires? Jesus says, “Yes!  Ask me to fill your deepest hunger.”

But why does a God who took six days to create the earth need time to go prepare a place for me? Perhaps it is to allow for me to realize just how much I want him.

“Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in God. Trust in me.”

Jeany Snider
Rosebud Church
Rosebud, AB