Thirty-Sixth Day of Lent

John 16:16-33

You can almost feel the sorrow the disciples were feeling as they asked the question; “What does he mean when he says, in a little while you will see me no more and then after a little while you will see me.” What does he mean in a little while? Where is he going? What is he saying?  Weeping and mourning was to take place and sadness was creeping in. They were filled with sorrow, but soon the sorrows of the disciples would be turned into joy.

At times our world is a place where we are surrounded with sorrow, weeping, sadness and then some days despair. Deep, dark despair, the kind that you cannot possibly imagine how you would ever see your way out. Jesus tells us that, “You will grieve but your grief will turn to joy.” Our season of sorrow and grief is just that, a season. It’s for a time and then Jesus will turn our grief to joy. And no one will take away our joy.

In a world where hope is hard to find for many, just as he promised the disciples many years ago, he promises us today that our joy is just around the corner.  If we wait and depend on him and trust in his ways, no matter how hard and how sad you may be feeling, the promise of joy is there.

We need to trust.  Trust that he knows what is best of us, trust in his timing not ours, and trust that he will take care of us. The grief, the sorrow, the weeping all of that will be for a time. There is no promise to us that here on earth we will not have our share of pain, but there is a promise that we will have joy. He has told us these things. We will have trouble in this world, but we need to take heart, he has overcome the world.  Just like the sorrows of the disciples soon turned to joy, our sorrows also will turn to joy. Trust in him and remember that no one will be able to take your joy away.

Natasha Westerhoud
Norquay Evangelical Covenant Church
Norquay, SK