Twenty-Fifth Day of Lent

John 12:20-26

Some Greeks approached Philip and asked him if they could have a talk with Jesus. They had questions. Philip went to Andrew to discuss the request and the two went to Jesus with it.

But Jesus had come from some extremely eventful days where he had raised Lazarus from the dead, healed others, and taken a crowd-crazy trip into Jerusalem – on a donkey! His name was out there. People were looking for someone to untie their bonds to the Romans and it looked like Jesus could do the job. I can see that the week must have been extremely intense and exhausting for this soon-to-be-king.

This particular day, Jesus had other more important things on his mind, so when Philip and Andrew asked Jesus if he would see these questioning Greeks, his thoughts turned immediately to spiritual matters! For three and a half years Jesus had been expressing to people that, ‘my time has not yet come’, even after turning water into wine! Yet, one mention of having a discussion with Gentiles and Jesus reply became, ‘the hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.’ Amazing!

Am I so tuned into God to have that kind of answer? The Greeks desire to speak with Jesus meant something and Jesus knew what it was! Immediately! What does it take to be that close to God? Jesus had it right when he deliberately set aside alone time with his heavenly Father. He ‘emptied himself’. He allowed God to fill him up with kingdom ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ kinds of things. He was filled with God and ready with answers!

Are we ready to speak to others of loving and dying and losing and following and serving? What about self-sacrifice and discipleship and eternal life? Jesus predicted his impending death with these examples. Are we also ready with kingdom answers?

The disciples waited. Would Jesus speak to the Greeks? Instead, they heard Jesus speak of a promise – the promise that God would honor those who serve him. A solid promise. As I read verse 26, I know it involves work – heart work on my part; self-sacrificing kind of work. Am I willing for that promise to consume me?

May this Lenten Season that surrounds us be a time to clothe ourselves in Kingdom matters. Jesus did and we too must be dressed and ready!

Sharon Kent
Gateway Covenant Church
Prince Albert, SK