Twenty-Second Day of Lent

John 11:38-57

In this passage we find ourselves taking a closer look at the miracle of Lazarus being raised from the dead. Here we can take a closer look at faith. We first see how the onlookers begin to question how something so unrealistic could take place. How someone could be raised from the dead. Their faith was being stretched. We also must take a look at ourselves and question how strong our faith really is.

This passage also portrays an outward example of Jesus’ faith in the power that God had given him. This is not used to give a show to people. Instead, it is used as an example of how we should have the same faith as Jesus. It is portrayed in the passage that not everyone believed. Yet because of the power of the miracle, we see what fear it put in the people who did not believe. This is because they could see the power that faith gave people and they too then realized that they did not have this power on their side in their unbelief. Through this, Jesus shows us the power of believing; he shows and expresses how faith can bring action. How something so simple can invite the glory of God into situations. 

In this time of Lent we are taking a closer look at how we can live out our faith. This is a time to remember that we should always be striving to live the life of example that Jesus set for us. There is always room for more faith in a person's life. God is always willing to step in and do the work, as long as we reach out to him and express how we need him. 

Jesus says in John 11:42, "I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me." Jesus had the faith, but he had to speak it out, so the people around would also believe. Jesus’ purpose was to let people know the Father as he knows him. Jesus shows how God wants to use us in miraculous ways. God does not want us to see how illogical a situation may be. He does not want us to be like Martha and question how someone dead for days can come alive. He is so much bigger than we think, and can do great things if we place our faith in him. It is time for us to stop thinking as the world does. To take a step in faith and let God's glory shine in all situations, no matter if others around us believe and have faith as well. 

Jordie Barg
Faith Covenant Church
Breton, AB