Seventeenth Day of Lent

Matthew 6:22-23

A traditional activity to take part in at Covenant Heights Bible Camp is the hike from our campsite to the little town of Wasagaming. It is about a 45 minute hike that leads alongside Clear Lake. While familiar, the path is uneven and narrow and is filled in with long grass and tree roots. On this path it is a good idea to keep your eyes down to the ground in an effort to prevent yourself from tripping, slipping, or stubbing your toe. Yet, if you never look up, your hike will only be remembered by your sweaty socks, mosquito bitten arms, and sore legs. With your eyes down, you will miss the beauty that surrounds you on the path; peaceful waters on one side and deep forests on the other.

I have come to notice that I often walk with my eyes down, even when I am not dodging tree roots on a narrow trail. Perhaps this is a habit of my quieter and introverted nature. With my eyes down, I can continue on my way without interruptions or distractions. But what might I be missing?

Jesus is the light of the world. Through His life and death and resurrection, we are saved and in turn we become lights—a new identity in Christ. We are called to receive His light and to shine before all women and men.

The verses that precede and follow this text warn us from storing up earthly treasurers and serving other masters. When we walk with our eyes to the ground, we are not putting ourselves in a position to receive His light. We live in darkness.

Instead, we are encouraged to store up heavenly treasurers and seek to serve God as our one and only master. With our eyes set in the right place, we will receive His light.

What treasurers are you storing? Which master are you serving? Where are your eyes set?

Hanne Johnson
Winnipeg, MB