Sixth Day of Lent

Matthew 5:13-16

Lent, the season of contemplation and sacrifice is upon us.  As I write this though, I am a recovering flu victim, and we all know what THAT means. The much-needed salt slips right out of a person’s body and you find yourself light-headed and very weak. Bring on the electrolytes - those little particles that give back what your poor body has lost in the assault!

Salt!!!  It’s a lifesaver. It preserves us as we seek just the right amount to be healthy! Let’s consider salt, as we contemplate the Lenten season.

Jesus spoke an urgent message - “you are the salt of the earth”, which, after my flu episode, conjures up some seemly thoughts about the preservation of my health. In Jesus’ day, salt was THE preservative – no side-by-side stainless steel refrigerators back then! It was “salt it, or spoil it” - period.  Let’s read that again. It says I am to be the salt of the earth. I am to be that necessary ingredient to keep things from spoiling, to keep people from being corrupted and sucked into the abyss of this world. ME!!  Simply put, I’m to be a world-changer! WE are to be that type of disciple - the positive influence who brings the ‘just right’ flavor of Jesus to our neighbors in a hectic, tiring, backsliding, selfish, wretched, poverty-ridden world around us. Too much, all is ruined! Too little, no taste! WE are to be ‘just right’.

Not only salt! NO! Jesus tells those keen disciples they will be watched - like a city on a hill.  Verse 14 says we are also to be, “the light of the world”!  That’s pretty tough for shy folk and my inner instinct tells me to slink away, to be inconspicuous. Much easier! But Jesus tells us that God’s light that shines within us should be seen by all – just like that city on a hill. The spiritual light Jesus offers, as we do our good deeds, will radiate outwards for the world to see - whether we are shy or not. “Let your light shine!” Jesus says. The world will see our acts of service and give praise to the Father. Not me! Not you! The Father!

Salt. Light. Two required elements for life. Do we need our salt shaker filled this Lenten season?  How about shining up the old lamp? Don’t be shy!

Hmmmm…..pass the salt, please!

Sharon Kent
Prince Albert, SK