Twenty-Sixth Day of Lent

Matthew 7:24-28

As I sit this morning working through writing this devotional, I’m caught looking outside my window.  After two months of relatively warm winter weather I’m watching the snow fall… and fall… and fall.   It has snowed all night and is to continue all morning.  The wind is blowing and the temperatures are dropping.  Buses are cancelled and some parents have just decided to stay home and keep their family close.  And as I watch, I am thankful for my house. So as I go to the passage found in Matthew, I connect with what Jesus in saying about having confidence in your shelter.  I find myself loving that Jesus’ last illustration in this sermon is that of a house! As a mom, I’m strongly attached to my house as it contains the thing I love the most here on this planet – my family.

Jesus is ending his teaching from the mountain with a call to make a choice; framing it on the context of your home.  Will we spend all our time and efforts making our home look beautiful?  Well put together?  Successful?  Admired?  Or will we stop and pay attention to the thing that Jesus directs us to?  The foundation. If you’re anything like me, you like to re-arrange your furniture, paint a new colour and collage your family photos just right. I rarely (ok never) think about my foundation. Who does?  Well, Jesus does. Jesus teaches that every one is building on some kind of foundation and Jesus makes the choice clear: you either build on a solid and deep foundation or you build on a shallow and weak foundation. The picture is clear. You are either walking God’s way and experiencing God’s transformation in your life and feeling his presence during the storms of life; or you are walking away from God, doing nothing of eternal value and vulnerable to the difficult times. There doesn’t seem to be any other pathway. We are heading one way or the other. And because my very home is at stake, I need to be focused.  Obedience seems to be the key here.  “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise”  (24).   Maybe you are in a storm right now and finding out that your foundation isn’t as strong as you thought it might be.  It’s never too late to start building a new, stronger, God honouring foundation.  This Lent season, let us all consider the foundations we are building on – our very homes depend on it. 

Laura Dyck
Melfort, SK