Year-End Appeal

November 2017
Dear friends of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada,

Strength for today... bright hope for tomorrow…As a community of churches, we find ourselves in a season of change and transition. We find ourselves looking back and looking forward. We find ourselves asking hard questions and courageously seeking to live out the answers with faith and risk. We find ourselves pressing into the faithfulness of God who, in the words of the timeless hymn, offers strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

Over the last several months, the ECCC Leadership Board has invited you into the search process for new leadership for the Canada Covenant. You’ve been invited to consider the type of leadership needed for our bright future. Please continue to pray and engage this process.

Can we also invite you to join us in prayer and participation by being
strength for today? Even as we sit in a season of transition and change, our Kingdom-purposed ministries remain the same. Would you please consider giving a year-end financial gift?

Our congregations provide a majority of the funds needed to carry on our basic ministry functions. Your yearend gift will help the ECCC continue to make the most of God-given opportunities to bring the hope of Christ to real people in real places. Your gift provides the flexible support needed to position the Canada Covenant to pursue new initiatives while also sustaining our highly-impactful existing ministries. Your gift will help us finish 2017 strong by meeting the financial commitments we made together as a family of churches.

Over the last year:
• leaders have been developed,
• churches have been strengthened and started,
• we have endeavoured to make and deepen disciples,
• we have sought to love mercy and do justice.

In the coming weeks, pay attention for particular stories and expressions of these vital ministries and join with us in considering how your year-end gift can be an expression of God’s faithfulness to us. In 2016, our year end appeal raised $30,000. We would like to match or exceed that amount. Think of it this way, if 10 donors from your local church gave $100… and this was mirrored in every church across the ECCC… we would exceed our goal and finish 2017 strong. Please join us as we continue to pray and dream about our bright future. Please give an expression of God’s faithful strength for today.

In anticipation and with gratitude,
Ray Wall, interim superintendent, and the ECCC Leadership Board

For information on how to give, please visit