Ministry Highlight: Haiti Partnerships

As a group of churches, we have committed both prayer and financial support to three primary projects in Haiti; a clinic offering diabetic care for over 300 patients, a program providing food to 95 elderly people, and feeding 160 young kids a meal of rice and beans twice a week. In addition some of our churches are partnering with Haiti on new partnerships, such as the support coming from Lake Ridge Community Church to develop a sustainable small-scale fish farm. Watch this video to learn more!


Interested in learning more about these partnerships? Check these videos out!

  • Erika Dewald talking about her Bracelets for Haiti initiative: watch video
  • Learn more about the Sante 2000 Clinic diabetic care: watch video
  • Learn more about the Petite Anse Feeding Program: watch video
  • For more about Dr. Manno's story, listen to Evan Dewald's interview with Dr. Manno at Lake Ridge Community Church from October: watch video

Please consider giving to support the many ways the ECCC is seeking to Love Mercy, Do Justice, including these partnerships in Haiti. Your gift will help us to finish 2017 strong by meeting the financial commitments we made together as a family of churches. For information on how to give, visit