Thirteenth Day of Lent

Psalm 37

Around the office, I am known for making toast. A loaf of bread in the freezer, a jar of peanut butter in my snack drawer, and a toaster is all I need to get by. Toast is quick, convenient, and has immediate satisfaction. Even so, I know that while those few slices of bread will fill me, its sustenance will be short lived. Soon, I will be hungry again. Recognizing this, I made a resolution with myself to be more mindful of the food I prepare—selecting foods that will fill me with the nutrients, strength, and energy that will get me through the day.

It was not long before this train of thought moved past my meal plans and onto my spiritual life. What am I feeding my spiritual life with? It was easy for me to determine the ‘toast’ elements of my life – watching television, browsing social media, etc. These things satisfy me in the moment, but will evidently leave me wanting more. These things are of this world and they are temporary.

Psalm 37 describes the way of the wicked as just that, temporary. The psalm informs us that the wicked will wither and soon die away. Their power will be broken. They will perish, vanish, and be destroyed. They will be no more.

The wicked way of life is contrasted with the way of the righteous. We hear that the righteous will receive an inheritance that will endure forever. They will enjoy great peace and their children will be blessed. They will be protected forever and will not wither.

So, how can I feed myself to gain a long-lasting life? We can turn to this psalm (vv. 1-9) for instruction on the righteous way.

“Trust the Lord and do good.” (vs. 3)
“Commit your way to the Lord.” (vs. 5)
“Be still before the Lord.” (vs. 7) 

Consider today the things that you are feeding your life with. Are you feeding yourself in a way that will lead to these promises of a long-lasting life? Or are you feeding yourself with things that will soon fade away and leave you hungry for more? Give thanks to the One who has made a path for us to walk in this righteous way.

“The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord;
   He is their stronghold in time of trouble.
The Lord helps them from the wicked and saves them,
   because they take refuge in him.” (vv. 39, 40)

Hanne Johnson
Winnipeg, MB