Twenty-First Day of Lent

Psalm 73

Psalm 73 tells it like it is.  It speaks the truth. The truth is that as we watch the brokenness in this world we sometimes wonder if we've hitched our wagon to the wrong approach. Sometimes we see how the arrogantly-powerful and the wickedly-rich breeze through life. We wonder if their way is better. It certainly looks like their way is more effective in this broken world with its proverbs of, "whoever dies with the most stuff wins" and “take care of number one”. 

There are times when we get so dis-oriented that we even begin to envy the wicked-rich. On the surface, their life seems so easy. Even though their haughty condescension grates on us, we can't help but notice how easy life is for them. With the psalmist, we too begin to question, have “I been wasting my time keeping my heart pure?”  “Am I deluded trying to keep my hands washed in innocence?”  “I'm trying to do everything right and my only reward is ‘trouble all day with promise of trouble bright and early next morning.’”

Trying to make sense of it gives you a throbbing headache right between the eyes. That is, until you enter the sanctuary of God and the Spirit reminds us how the wicked-rich end up. Their slope is slippery. The LORD will cast them down. Even still, we come before the LORD like a dumb oaf – bitter at heart – only to realize that He is continually with us. He is always with us. He is with us through the troubled days that run right into troubled mornings.  He is with us, through the envy, through the bitterness.  Like a good Father, he takes us by the right hand and leads us forward. Sometimes, we even have those great moments when there is nowhere in heaven or earth that we'd rather be than with Him.  In the frailty of our flesh, and the weakening of our heart, we realize He is our stone foundation. We have those fleeting realizations that He is our portion – our reward – forever.  The wicked-rich will come to their end. The LORD will not suffer the foolishly unfaithful forever. Until then, our right hand holds tightly to the LORD YHWH. He is our refuge.

Jason Ashley
Balfour, BC