Twenty-Sixth Day of Lent

Psalm 131

I long for those sought after, treasured moments, when I surrender to Christ. Those moments, though fleeting, give me a sense of peace beyond my understanding. My greatest desire and hope is that one day I will experience this everlasting peace forever as I lie in the loving arms of my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus.

Psalm 131, a Psalm of David, is a gift from God to me. I feel God’s words, through His servant David, have oriented my heart to relinquish my self-centered desire to control my life, my drive to try to understand matters beyond my comprehension, and to release my self- important haughty attitudes. Instead, I desire to recline, calmed and quiet, in a posture of full and complete trust that God is in control and Jesus surrounds me in love, with protection, and complete provision for more than I can ever ask or even imagine.

God has been at work in me and in my faith. For the longest time my spiritual diet has been that of a milk fed child. I have struggled and fought to control my life, to lead my own path, and not listen to the Holy Spirit’s small voice. Even so, God graciously and patiently has called me to membership, fellowship, and most importantly to worship at Emmanuel Covenant.  My brothers and sisters have prayed, mentored, and taught me God’s Holy Word. I am so blessed! I thank God for the heart change. My faith diet is no longer that of milk, but that of solid spiritual food, grounded in the Word, sustained by prayer, and a gradual submission to God’s will.

David’s image of a weaned child, one no longer needing his mother’s milk, is a powerful one for me. As a daughter, mom, and grand mom I have valued those special moments when my child or grandchild has relinquished his/her battle to explore, play, eat, and has nestled in my arms in our “grandma chair” and fallen into a deep, peaceful sleep.  All the cares, worries, and stimulation of a growing child drift into a nap of restful sleep.  Twice David in Psalm 131 uses this common image of a weaned child, content in the arms of its mother.  So too, do we need to surrender our control and trust God to hold us in His loving arms.

Oh how I want to place my hope in the Lord now and forever more!

Leslie Wright
Surrey, BC