Thirty-Fifth Day of Lent

Psalm 113

There are mountains on every side of my hometown in Creston Valley. I’m still getting used to how beautiful it is. Imagine seeing the sunrise from behind one set of mountains and set behind another!

Some days, while my coffee is brewing, I just stand gawking at the picture window. The sky turns this brilliant fuchsia, streaked with purple clouds, and the black Skimmerhorn mountains come into sharp relief as the wisps of fog burn away. It’s the most incredible thing. Sometimes I squint my eyes, wondering, “How can the sky even be those colours?!”

Ten hours later, driving home from a long day, I’ll come around a corner to sharp peaks aflame, backlit by an orange so intense my breathe catches in my chest. The mountains look navy blue, their edges shimmering like they’re outlined in diamonds. I’ve actually laughed right out loud in the car, thinking back to the morning. It’s like the sunrise and the sunset are competing, trying to outdo one another with extravagant, outrageous beauty.

I am utterly moved to praise here twice a day. There’s no other appropriate response.

This psalm invites us to praise God as we watch the sun rise and set. Well, that’s easy. It also invites us to praise Him for the work He does in people. Sometimes the changes are more subtle, but truly, God is redeeming people’s lives as they follow Him.

Think about the man who manages to bring his temper under control or the woman who finds her voice. Consider the family finally able to move into a home of their own—debts paid off or a job offered and held. Think of the survivor sharing her story, the addict who stays clean, an adoption finalized, or forgiveness extended and received.

All those changes happen almost imperceptibly over days and weeks as we submit our lives to God’s leading – like the sky lightening in the hours leading up to dawn. You barely notice the change until suddenly you glance up and everything is gloriously ablaze with light!

May we praise Him at the rising and the setting of the sun. And, in all the moments in between, may we praise Him for the blazing glory of lives redeemed and restored as His people turn back to Him.

Dana Sproule
Erickson, BC