Fifth Day of Lent

Luke 5: 33-39

“No one tears a patch from an old garment and sews it to a new one. If he does, he will have torn the new garment, and the patch from the new will not match the old.” Luke 5:36

I work construction, building residential basements. I would say that I rip or snag my pants at least once a day. I mostly wear a pair of pants until they are no longer pants and then throw them in the trash. There is no need for washing or mending work clothes when you do what I do. So the idea of taking old material and sewing it to my new pants makes little to no sense to me. I would tear my clothes before the new one even got a chance to get wrecked on their own.

The truth is life as a disciple may be a little too much like my pants. We get ripped or snagged everyday by the world around us. I read recently that life is chancy. Somedays are harder than others and we don't always know what the day is going to bring. We start each day new and by the end of some days we are just down right ready for the trash.

Even worse we do it to ourselves, in that we take some old material from the life we lived before we became followers of Christ and we sew it onto our new garments. I say to myself, I can live my life the way I used to and still grow and be a fruitful Christian. However, the truth is that we are made new in Christ and we need to leave that which is old behind. Christ wants the best for us, life full of hope and joy—life that has been made new. We are to be stitched together with the same love and forgiveness that comes from the Father of Jesus, God, Creator of all things.

Lent has the power to force us to reflect on what Christ has done for us. Easter gives us the ability to come clean and be made new.

On Easter morning Peter finds Jesus’ work clothes in an empty tomb that—I would bet— did not have any rips or snags in them.

Clayton Nelson
Winnipeg, MB


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