Thirty-Fifth Day of Lent

Luke 21:1-19

Earlier this year, one January morning in the midst of our annual pilgrimage to Maui, I was thankful to be in contemplation of today’s Lenten Scriptures in anticipation of the need to provide this devotional. For in the beauty of the arriving tropical morning came a text message flashing across our handheld devices, “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII – SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” The stark and alarming text, intended as a warning, was also an invitation into confusion, chaos and panic. My peace in this challenging moment originated in His truth, the ever present and real Word as expressed in today’s Luke Scriptures (21:1-19).

Jesus, in ministering to those around Him, reveals, “But when you hear of wars and commotions, do not be terrified, for these things must come to pass first, but the end will not come immediately.” It became another lesson in learning to receive and live closer to the Truth, to the Word, to Jesus.

It really is a question of posture, isn’t it? Investing one’s self in the time to kneel into and focus on Truth. In the quietness of that posture, Truth resonates with a clarity and sharpness which gradually quenches the noise within my soul, the noise of this world, of my emotions, of my sin. From Truth run the waves of grace that give birth to worship, confession, repentance and forgiveness. In time, as reverence becomes the offering, it is “well with my soul” and I experience His peace. I must decrease so that He may increase.

Our passage ends with Jesus encouraging us to take a posture, a posture of “enduring patience” in the face of the world, that we might “possess our souls”. Shortly after speaking these words, Jesus entered into the time of betrayal and all that followed afterwards…the violence, trials and crucifixion. Through it all, Jesus is perfect in His posture of enduring patience, always possessing His soul, always resonating as uncompromised Truth lived out; becoming that which allows us to possess our souls until the “Day” comes when He fully receives us unto Himself…”Come Lord Jesus, come”…

Rich Drinovz
Surrey, BC


Lenten Reader 2018
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