Lenten Reader 2014 Available Now


The Lenten Reader is now available! 

This is the second year the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada (ECCC) has produced this devotional for Lent. Each day has a passage from Scripture and a reflection on that passage from a member of the ECCC. 

The Scripture passages follow the story of the Bible from God placing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The passages were selected to portray the love of God for His people, their/our unwillingness to live in obedience, and the need for Jesus' saving crucifixion. There are highs and lows. There are times when the people of God got it right and when they missed the mark. 

You are invited to participate with brothers and sisters across the ECCC who will read the Lenten Reader as part of their preparation for Holy Week and Easter. We pray that it will deepen your faith and encourage you in your walk with Jesus. 

Special thanks to all who wrote for us this year:
Kirsten Waldschmidt, Renita Hamm, Carol Wall, Eric Hedberg, Sally Carlson, Erik Anderson, Alannah DeJong, Gavin Jensen, Deana Verge, Basil McLaren, Murray Carter, Lauralea Frisen, Julia Sandstrom, Preston Pouteaux, Tracy Ashley, Rich Drinovz, Karl Johnson, Mark Mast, Corinne Stoter, Jeff Anderson, Andy Gilkinson, Marc Lantz, Glenn Peterson, Linea Lanoie, Jon Drebert, Randall Friesen, April Hamm, Judy Drebert Hart, Andy Sebanc, Jocelyn Beehler, Bryan Sandstrom, Ira Carty, Kors Pater, Snowy Noble, Erikka Hedberg, Katie Swan, Steve Menshenfriend, Joanne Galius, John Cho, Steve Waldschmidt, and thanks to Allison Friesen and Julia Sandstrom for editing the Lenten Reader