Study Tour Dates Set!

The dates for our 2015 Israel/Palestine Study Tour are in!

Mark your calendars for June 1-13, 2015. 

Our experience is based around 2 things: 

1. The "sacred stones"-the geography, architecture and sacred spaces that gives us a new take on the biblical story

2. The "living stones" - these are our brothers and sisters in Christ who will invite us into sharing their story. The story of the Palestinian Christians is difficult, moving and motivating. This is a unique aspect of our experience that you will not find on almost any other tour. 

Additional Information:

$2,000 plus airfare per person. Those who register and pay a $300 deposit before December 31, 2014 will receive $300 off their total cost of the tour. ***Deposits will only be refunded for health reasons.***

If you are interested, have any questions or would like more detail on the itinerary feel free to contact our office at 204-269-3437 or e-mail Jeff Anderson at jeff(at) 

New Blog for ECCC Roundtable

As the church, we have a variety of ways to relate to our faith. When we wash our hands, we think of baptism. When we eat toast in the morning, we think of the bread broken and meal eaten in Emmaus. When we see a cross on a necklace or a fish on the back of a car, we think of Jesus dying on a cross, we think of Jesus feeding the multitudes. We sing and listen to hymns on Sunday morning. For many of us, these things have become so internalized that we hardly notice them anymore. For others, these things are only just beginning to have meaning in our lives. This process of thinking through these significant aspects of our faith is what we call theology. Theology is an activity done in a variety of different circumstances and by anyone who loves Jesus. Whether you are a mechanic, high school student, pastor, nurse, or academic, there are still things to learn about our faith.

The Roundtable blog affords us space to think through some of these topics. If you are interested in theology or learning more about your faith and the issues that we as the Evangelical Covenant Church are concerned with, it might be worth the time to check out this blog. You can find us at