Twenty-Fourth Day of Lent

Scripture: 2 Samuel 7

Wait a minute!

David sees such a tiny part of the big picture.

David is coming off the high of battles won, enemies defeated and the Ark of God returned to Jerusalem. There has been dancing in ecstasy, praise from the people and David has his heart set on pleasing God. He looks around at the beautiful palace where he lives in luxury; a great house befitting a king, made of the finest cedar. This palace displays his importance and kingliness. He begins to wonder, what does it mean to house the Ark of God in a tent tabernacle? He should do something. Money is no object; he wants to do something big. How can he show his thanks for God’s provision and presence among the people he rules? Aha! A marvelous permanent temple for God.

“Go ahead,” says his spiritual advisor Nathan. “Surely God has been with you and has given you this idea.”

But wait a minute! God really has other plans. God’s building plans aren’t about wood and stone but are about building a people faithful to himself. And David, being a “man after God’s own heart” is someone God intends to build upon. If David’s descendants follow God they will also become rocks in the wall of God’s house. Generations later when hope for a king seems impossible in the face of the Roman political machine, when David’s descendants are just a poor couple from Nazareth, God will provide the cornerstone. The one of “the lineage of David,” God’s own incarnate son, obedient even to death is that stone on which God plans to build his temple. It will not be limited to a palatial building of earthly materials but will be built of living stones.

God had plans which David could never have imagined. This covenant God made thousands of years ago He continues to build on. “The plans I have for you are good,” God states later to His prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 29:11). God continues to invite us to become part of these good plans for the building He is creating. God rejoices to dwell with His people; with those who by faith in Christ the Cornerstone are being built into a holy temple not made with human hands.

“How great you are, O Sovereign Lord! There is no one like you.” (2 Sam. 7:22, NLT)

 Linea Lanoie
Gateway Covenant Church
Prince Albert, SK