Fourteenth Day of Lent

Scripture: Exodus 14:5-25

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

Imagine the scene of Exodus 14 as the people of God are let loose from slavery in Egypt; a parade of joy, life, and liberty headed in the direction of the Promised Land. But what started as a heavenly miracle of divine intervention quickly turned into a no-win nightmare. Pharaoh, with his mighty armies was in hot pursuit and it seemed as though the party was about to end, and violently. With a people in full panic, doubt, and quickly giving in to the strong urge to give up or scatter, Moses offers these words of security: “you need only to be still.” 

Our culture places a particularly high value on security. We build security into our homes, we buy it from the bank, and we carry cell phones with an app for every potential problem. We are motivated by scarcity and every commercial seems to darken our imagination with some new fear or impending disaster. In the morning we may be confident of God’s goodness and provision, but by the afternoon we’re done - panicked and in full retreat.

As I write this my wife is five days overdue with our first child. Some days panic taunts me as I wonder if we will be secure enough, if the money will be there, if I’ll be a good parent, if my child will be healthy and choose to follow Jesus. Then I’m reminded that as God’s people we have a confidence that comes from a vision of God’s goodness and generosity. We don’t have to worry or be afraid, we have a Sustainer who sees all that is coming and welcomes us to enter God’s peace. As people who have been made free to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God we stand in a new place, with a new posture towards our insecurities.

Our instinct is to run, protect, and fight. God’s loving parental instinct is to hold us and remind us: You need only to be still - I got this.

 ~ Preston Pouteaux, Lake Ridge Community Church, Chestermere, AB