Third Day of Lent

Scripture: Genesis 7:6-24

Our text begins after Noah, “who did exactly as God commanded him to do” (Genesis 6:22, 7:5), built an ark according to the dimensions laid out for him by God. He and his wife, their sons and their daughters-in-law went aboard the boat to escape the coming floodwaters. Joining them were male and female birds, flying insects and large and small animals of every kind. Then, in compassion and mercy, the Lord shut the door. A week later, underground waters burst forth on the earth and rain began to fall in mighty torrents from the sky and continued for forty days and nights. Finally, the water covered even the mountains to a depth of twenty-two feet above the highest peaks. All living things on earth died; all living things on the boat survived.

 When looking at Noah’s life, I notice that he did not obey God’s instructions simply to impress his neighbours or friends. It is doubtful that building a large boat impressed those whom God called wicked, totally evil, corrupt, and violent. We, on the other hand, often try to please or impress the people around us. “Did that person of influence hear what I had to say?” “I will leave my new car on the driveway so my friends can see it.” “I wonder if he noticed I was wearing my new suit today.” Have you found by keeping yourself on the treadmill of busyness and telling others about it, you feel empty? People's flattery often leaves us feeling hollow and trying to look good takes a lot of energy. Why is it so difficult to please only our God?

 Looking at the example of Noah, I ask myself a question. Can it be said of me that I do exactly what God asks me to do? If not, why not? During this Lenten season let us own our disobedience and pledge to implicitly obey Him.

 O God, Your heart was broken over the sinfulness of the people You created. But Noah, who enjoyed a close relationship with You, consistently followed Your will. Help me to invest time and effort in developing my relationship with You so I can recognize Your voice and have the courage to do what You ask me to do. Amen.

 ~Carol Wall, Rosebud Church, Rosebud, AB