Thirty-Third Day of Lent

Scripture: Isaiah 52:12-53:12 

On this day - just one week - before we solemnly remember our Lord's crucifixion upon the cross we find ourselves in a passage that undoubtedly points to Jesus as the Messiah, the one whom the Jews had been patiently waiting for. Within these verses we observe the fourth and final Servant Song in Isaiah that not only describes the Messiah but also enlightens the reader to how the Messiah can bless sinful people. Isaiah clearly reveals humankind's reaction to the Messiah in 53:3 and this reaction is so different today as people continually seek worldly systems and religions to appease the burden of their heart.

As we reflect on our lives in the midst of God's holiness, we again focus and concentrate on God's amazing mercy and grace lavished upon us, and this passage describes clearly how God brings His creation back into fellowship with Himself. In 53:10 Isaiah deals clearly with a divine purpose overlaying the human oppression of the Servant as it discusses how it is the Lord's will that the Messiah should suffer and become a guilt offering. However, this passage also reveals that not only will the Messiah suffer but the Messiah will receive glory and be satisfied in accomplishing God's will for His life. As Christians today are we satisfied with accomplishing God's will for our lives, or are we fearful of the world's reaction to us if we live out God's will for our lives?

The guilt offering's description in Leviticus 5:15-17 outlines instructions for those who have wandered from the faith or have intentionally or unintentionally sinned against God. In 53:12, we note, "He bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors." Christ is the one who took the guilt of us all upon Himself and as we contemplate today the condition of our souls in the light of God's revealing Word and the Holy Spirit's leading are we again trusting in Christ's work on the cross?  Our encouragement today is to look to the author and perfector of our faith, trust in God's leading and directing for our lives and to rely on nothing but Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God's redeeming work on the cross for our salvation.

Kors Pater
Rainy River ECC
Rainy River, ON