Twenty-Sixth Day of Lent

Scripture: 1 Kings 3:1-15

Our scripture today tells us that Solomon showed his love for the Lord by walking according to the instructions given him by his father David. He was drawn to God and hungry for a life-giving relationship with Him. Solomon seemed to be making good choices about serving and loving God in humble obedience. It seemed to have been a most blessed time in his life, especially since we know it didn’t end well.

His desire even grew to the place where when God offered to give him anything he requested, his petition was for wisdom. He was making decisions to follow after the Lord through his everyday choices, even in his dreams. In making that one choice he learned that those who seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, would receive all these temporary things as well.

That’s the thing about being a Jesus follower isn’t it? A life of faith and following is made up of a hundred million daily decisions that either move us closer to God, or they move us away from Him. They help foster a relationship of love, or they let the love grow cold.

Perhaps today is a good time to reflect on our movement towards or away from God.

Life is movement.
On any given day,
with any given decision
we are moving towards God
or we are moving away from God.

With our thoughts and our time
with our choices and our money 
with our energy and our resources 
we are moving towards God 
or we are moving away from God.

 And some days we might ask 
where is the choice? 
where is the decision 
to move in either direction?

 But it’s in the subtle small affairs of the heart 
it’s in the choice to listen, or in the choice to drown out 
it’s in the choice to serve the one close to you 
or the choice to serve oneself 
it’s in the willingness to call out for help 
or the hearts desire to suffer alone

We all move closer to Christ 
or we move away from Him. 
Towards the cross 
or away from it, rejecting its hope

 And in that daily movement 
we either push away the life and grace and freedom and confidence 
or we receive them all, as gifts we could not create ourselves 
because in the humility of being needy 
we are able to receive them all

Life is movement 
On any given day

 Which direction will you move today?

 Randall Friesen
Malmo Mission Covenant Church
Malmo, AB